The first artist I want to write about is Japanese Rock band A9 or formally known as Alice Nine. It was late 2013 and I was educating myself on the newer bands from Japan. I was watching clips on YouTube and kept seeing Alice Nine mentioned in the comments section. So some of Alice Nine’s videos started appearing in the suggested video section and I clicked on the song that made me an instant fan of this band a song called Blue Flame. As soon as I heard this song I had to know more about them as well as find other videos. I watched the video for Rainbows that just solidified my desire to be a fan of this band. I wound up buying four of their albums in March of 2014: Vandalize, 9, Complete Collection 2006-2009, and Super Nova from Ebay. Although the lyrics are in Japanese doesn’t mean that I don’t connect to the music. The tone of the vocal delivery and musicianship has allowed me to expand my way of music experience. I now listen more to the song then just hear it. Their most recent EP is called Light and Darkness is also really good. Although I feel the electronic elements distract from the amazing musicianship, I do think the songs are good and I enjoy it. A9 is a band that deserves a listen and if you enjoy what you hear buy the releases you feel the most connected to. All their music under the A9 name is available on the U.S. iTunes Store, but you would have to find physical copies from stores like CD Japan, Amazon, or Ebay for their music while known as Alice Nine. Here are links to some of A9/Alice Nine’s videos and website:

Official Web Site http://a9-project.com/

Official YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU9V107TBY9vsKfWDuu1zuQ

Blue Flame Music Video https://youtu.be/dkx64SkmP6Q

Rainbows Music Video https://youtu.be/386jiBy1gy4

Prismatic Music Video https://youtu.be/OT9Gf3S7THM

I hope you check out this band and have enjoyed this article. Thank you for reading.


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