Concert Adventures

The last few weeks has been a fun time for me. I have been to two amazing concerts and despite being around some not so pleasant intoxicated people the performances were fun. The first show was Jimmy Buffett with special guest Huey Lewis and The News. Huey Lewis and The News were introduced by Jimmy Buffett himself which made for a special moment and something that I have never seen done before. Jimmy actually came out to the stage for the introduction instead of just doing a generic behind the scenes intro.  Huey Lewis played for about 50 minutes and played most of the hits. Then it was time for Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band who put on a good 2 and a half hour show playing a mix of the signature songs and a couple of album cuts. Jimmy and the band also paid tribute to the late Merle Haggard by covering Silver Wings and the late Prince by covering Purple Rain, which is probably Prince’s most well known song, as the show closer.

The next concert I went to was Def Leppard with special guests Tesla and Reo Speedwagon. This was my first time seeing the two opening acts. Tesla started early and did only songs from their first 4 albums. What was cool about Tesla’s set is they put the album covers on the video screens of the songs they performed so people who may not be familiar with their music can have an idea of which albums they are doing songs from. I will definitely pay money to see Tesla again. Then it was time for Reo Speedwagon. Full disclosure here I’m not a fan of Reo Speedwagon so I went to the restroom, concession stand, and merchandise table during their set so I didn’t see all of it. They’re not a bad band, but they are just not my cup of tea so to speak.  The parts I did see were surprisingly good. I didn’t expect such high energy from a 70’s band. Next up was the main event of the evening. Def Leppard came on and blew the house down. I had seen Def Leppard twice before so my expectations were high. I looked at and saw what they were playing before hand and thought I would get bored because it was mostly a greatest hits set with only two new songs and one song from the Yeah album, but I didn’t. There’s something about a quality live performance that no matter how many times you hear the songs you never get bored. There’s that special energy from the crowd reactions to the band’s reactions. As cliche as it is, it’s magic.

That’s been my concert adventure thus far and the year is only half way through. There will be more. As always thanks for reading.


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