Japanese Visual Kei Rock

There is a Rock genre in Japan called Visual Kei that I’m intrigued by. Basically what it is, it’s similar to what bands like Motley Crue, WASP, KISS, Alice Cooper, and Twisted Sister did in the 70s and 80s and Marilyn Manson did in the 90s as far as wearing costumes and make-up as part of their stage show. Maybe since I’ve seen it before I some times can’t take bands that do that seriously because I feel like it’s dated and not original. I also have to admit some of the costumes that I’ve seen do wind up distracting from the actual music. I’m not going to name specific bands, but I’ve actually been turned off of Visual Kei bands because of their costumes made me say to my computer screen “The 80s called they want their look back.” I can only speak for myself, but it gets old real quick because there seems to be a lack of evolution with the costumes and you can only do it for so long before it gets stale. I’ve noticed that some of the Japanese rock bands I listen to that were classified as Visual Kei transitioned out of it and are still successful. I believe you can still be a visual band without being over the top with the wardrobe. I do believe that Visual Kei is becoming over saturated like the 80s Hair Metal bands became where no one is standing out and that’s why I think bands move away from Visual Kei so they can try to stand out and be different as well as being unique.


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