Guts and Death (band)

There is a Japanese band that is a splinter band from the recently disbanded The Kiddie called Guts and Death or GnD for short. They comprise of Yousay, YD, and Yusa who were all in the Japanese Rock band The Kiddie. How I learned about this band is through Aki because Yousay is apart of Aki’s solo band. They have an app that is for your smart phone that is available through Google Play and iTunes. The app is in Japanese so it is up to the person if they wish to still download it. Currently they are posting funny YouTube videos as a way to introduce themselves as a band with occasional covers and Yousay has done some guitar playing and an educational video on how to do the guitar spin like Cinderella did back in the 80s. From what I’ve heard from the band musically they are good and worth checking out. If you need a good laugh I recommend visiting their YouTube page.

For more information on Guts and Death you can check out the following links:

Website –

Twitter – @gndpizza

Facebook –

YouTube –

Band SNS

Yousay Twitter – @yousay_official

Yousay Instagram – @yousay_kickline

Yousay Facebook –

YD Twitter – @yd1221

YD YouTube –

YD Instagram – @yd21

Yusa Twitter – @yusa_official

Hope you enjoyed this entry and thanks for reading.


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