We Love hide

May 2nd was the 18th anniversary of the passing of one of the most influential artists from Japan, hide. I’m not going to talk about how he died, but instead talk about his music and influence. As an American I learned about hide after his passing so I missed out on his awesomeness. He always seemed to be one step ahead of music trends and always seemed to have the ability to evolve to stay relevant. He’s influenced so many artists that I listen to now that I’m left amazed that he had that kind of influence and still does. I think to myself how Japan’s Rock scene would be different if he was still alive and what kind of music he would be making?

To me hide’s best album is 1996’s Psyence, but really they are all good in their own way. Beauty and Stupid was the first hide solo song I had heard and instantly fell in love with that song. It’s tongue and cheek lyrics and an infectious rhythm to it that it’s probably my favorite songs by hide.  Some of my favorites by hide are Pink Spider, Flame, Blue Sky Complex, Dice, Eyes Love You, Rocket Dive, and Pose to name a few. There is plenty of stuff on YouTube to get an introduction to the late guitar hero. I highly recommend looking up hide’s music.

Thanks for reading.


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