Pick 3

Lately I have been listening to a lot of music of all different kinds and thought I would suggest some releases that I have been listening to a lot lately. They aren’t necessarily from 2016, but they are still worth checking out. Not all the albums I will be listing are available on iTunes in the United States.

The first album is from Def Leppard called On Through the Night which is Def Leppard’s very first album. The album is from 1980 and is an album I really enjoy. Some of my favorite songs from this album are; Answer to the Master, Hello America, Wasted, It Don’t Matter, and Rocks Off. If you are a die hard fan or just a casual Def Leppard fan I believe it is still a good album to check out.

The next album that I have been listening to a lot lately is from N.W.U. by FT Island. It is their latest Japanese album. I have been a fan of FT Island since 2011 and truly believe this band should be bigger than they are. On N.W.U. some of my favorite songs are You Don’t Know Who I Am, Cycle, Identity, Puppy, and We Are. This album is my second favorite Japanese release by FT Island with the first being their 2012 album Twenty.

Finally Aerosmith’s 1987 album Permanent Vacation has been playing a bit in my iTunes. This album was my introduction to Aerosmith as a child and some of my favorites from it are Dude (Looks Like a Lady), Rag Doll, Hangman’s Jury, Permanent Vacation, and I’m Down.

These are just three albums I have been listening to and if you get a chance feel free to check them out. Hope you enjoyed this entry and thanks for reading.


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