Random Thoughts

Since I don’t have access to South Korean television I’ve noticed my interest in searching out their content has dropped along with searching out other international content. They have some really good music programs and television programs, but I’m unable to watch them. I’ve grown tired of having to go to YouTube to find quality content that makes me feel joy or any feeling for that matter. Nothing is exciting me. This makes it difficult to find things to write about.

Something I’ve always wondered and maybe it’s because I don’t drink, but why do people use going to a concert as an excuse to get drunk. Do these people understand that they are at a public event that is meant to be enjoyed by everyone and not just the drunk individual? It’s one thing to have 1-3 alcoholic beverages throughout the night, but when you’re at the point of being obnoxious, rude, and disrespectful to the other people around you then it’s time to be cut off. Why venues are allowed t0  continue to serve intoxicated people when it can be a health hazzard for the drunk person as well as other concert goers I will never know. You’re at a public event have some self control and some self respect at least especially if you aren’t going to respect the other people around you. If you are the type of person who doesn’t know when to say when then just stay home and put on a live album or concert dvd and get hammered in the comfort of your own home.  The concert is supposed to be an experience that’s meant to be memorable in the positive sense. Your inablity to control yourself not only is disrespectful to the other concert goers, but also the band you’re paying to see because your drunken behavior is causing a distraction. The concert experience you could be ruining may be a first time concert goer or the first time someone has had a chance to see their favorite band and because of you’re inablity to control your self destructive behavior that person may not choose to continue going to concerts to support their favorite artists or bands.

Another thing I’ve always never understood has been why people wear band t-shirts of bands that aren’t on the bill? For example why would you wear a Whitesnake tour t-shirt to a Def Leppard concert when Whitesnake isn’t even on the bill? It’s disrespectful to the artist you’re going to see. Maybe it’s just me.

Thanks for reading.


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