Random Thoughts

Lately I’ve been a bit down because of my personal situation and find myself becoming a bit nostalgic in the music I’ve been listening to lately because it reminds me of more enjoyable times. I’ve been watching 80’s rock music videos on YouTube from Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns, and Poison. It made me feel better until I realized how old those videos are. I think all the years of being made fun of for the music I listen to and being one of those people that still buys music is starting to ware on me. I feel less comfortable being around people and more comfortable locked away with my iTunes on shuffle.

I watched the television broadcast of Motley Crue The End on AXS TV. Nikki Sixx had a ment and during the speech he talked about how if you want something bad enough  you make it happen and not let anyone tell you you’re too old, too fat, too thin, or whatever it is that people try to tell you to deter you from achieving the thing you are believing you were meant to do and be in life. That’s been in my mind lately. I think it’s good advice.

Thanks for reading and Best wishes.


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