Soundtrack of My Life

The phrase the soundtrack of my life is one I’ve heard for years when describing music periods and how they relate to a person’s life. I got to thinking if I had to create a soundtrack to my life to this point that tells my story what would it be? Here’s my list. As life happens the tracks may change.

  1. I Wanna Be Somebody – W.A.S.P.
  2. I’m Gonna Be Somebody – Travis Tritt
  3. Dreams – Van Halen
  4. Dream On – Aerosmith
  5. Jungle – KISS
  6. White Lightning – Def Leppard
  7. If I Die Tomorrow – Motley Crue
  8. The Idol – W.A.S.P.
  9. My Guitar Lies Bleeding in my Arms – Bon Jovi
  10. Trust – Megadeth
  11. Boarders – Amber
  12. Hold the Dream – Firehouse
  13. Goodbye to Romance – Ozzy Osbourne
  14. Fade to Black – Metallica
  15. Where Angels Sing – Meat Loaf

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