Music Stores

I’ve been thinking back to when there were music stores and I would browse the CD selection to see if my favorite bands have any new albums avaialable or spending my allowance on new music from my favorite artists. Now that I mainly get my music through iTunes I lose the sense of enjoyment on new music purchases from the unwrapping of the packaging to the looks on the sales person’s face when I would buy two albums from artists from conflicting genres like Country and Metal. Sam Goody and Musicland were my favorite music shops. With all the money I spent I figured I’d keep those places in business for a long time. Unfortunately as they began to die out I would get most of my music through online retailers like Amazon and Tower Records. Since I don’t go to the mall much anymore I don’t go to music stores anymore, but on the rare occasion that I do I will sometimes browse FYE.


On a side note if you read this and use Amazon feel free to use my Amazon link on the side or any of the other links.  Don’t worry there’s no extra fees for using the link. It would really help me out.


Thanks for reading.


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