Random Thoughts

I wish artists would actually perform live and not use enhancement tracks during live shows. It’s one thing to have it on an album, but I feel like it takes away from the performance and becomes a distraction when you hear a voice, but no one is say anything in the mic. I understand most pop artists rely on it since most of them are glorified karaoke singers, but I don’t understand why rock bands feel the need to use them.

I recently picked up some new music. I got Taemin’s new Japanese solo EP Sayonara Hitori. I like it. Although it’s only five songs they feel very cinematic to me as if I’m listening to a movie score or a theatre production. Then I picked up Delta Deep’s self titled debut album. If you like Blues music I believe you will like this. Then I went classic with the iconic KISS Alive.

Speaking of live albums I wish live albums were actually live and not have the studio touch ups. I believe a live album should represent the  live experience that fans who can’t afford to go to concerts accurately and not an inflated illusion. I can understand enhancing the crowd noise if it didn’t pick up clearly on the recording, but to completely re-record the instruments and vocals after the fact is not being truthful and is misleading. It’s suppose to be live in concert not live in the studio. Live shows aren’t suppose to be perfect, they are suppose to be special and when an artist makes a live album it should include the mistakes. The spontaneity is lost when the artist does those re-records and touch ups. It’a just my thought.

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