Pick 3

I have been listening to a lot of music lately and since a lot of the artists I listen to haven’t released new albums I’ve been listening to a lot of new singles and EPs. Two singles I would like to recommend have been being played in my iTunes a lot since I purchased them are One Ok Rock’s Taking Off, SPYAIR’s Rage of Dust, and the new album from Dee Snider’s We Are the Ones.

One Ok Rock’s Taking Off is a rock song that is relatable to the listener.

SPYAIR’s Rage of Dust is a fast paced progressive rock song that is meant to be played loud.

Dee Snider’s new album is a stylistic departure from what you are familiar with him for with Twisted Sister. The album shows growth and multiple dimensions to Dee’s artistic creativity. Some of the stand out songs from the album to me are Super Hero, We Are the Ones, and Over Again.

Some new music I’m looking forward to picking up is the New Aki single Story, Yesung’s Let Me Kiss, and DIAWOLF’s Idiot/Rapture single as soon as I finish setting up my Tenso Account for the international shipping unless I find it somewhere else like ebay or Amazon.


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